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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this website may contain images, voices and videos of deceased persons. Users are warned that there may be words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive and which might not normally be used in certain public or community contexts.

Fact sheets

13YARN has developed a range of fact sheets to provide you with information and assistance during challenging times. Browse by topic and download any fact sheet that may be helpful for your situation.

Anxiety in Mob

This fact sheet shares some types of things that might make us worry or feel 'anxious', and ways that respect our culture for dealing with these worries and feelings.
Download Anxiety fact sheet

Depression in Mob

Depression is a deep sadness that sticks around for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes, we don't realise that we're carrying it, or we don't yarn about it. With the right support, you can begin healing your way for a better life.
Download Depression fact sheet

Domestic and Family Violence

Our mob has strong community values and places great emphasis on care, respect, and love, but sometimes things can go wrong. Struggling with domestic violence? There is always a hand stretched out for you.
Download Domestic and Family Violence fact sheet

Financial stress

Financial stress refers to the anxiety and pressure individuals experience when they struggle to meet their monetary obligations, be it short-term expenses or long-term debts.
Download Financial stress fact sheet

Grief, loss and 'Sorry Business'

Grief is an emotional response to loss, which might include the death of a loved one, loss of health, ending of a relationship, loss of a job, or a loss of cultural connection, such as moving off country. It is important to acknowledge and express those feelings without judgement.
Download Grief, loss and 'Sorry Business' fact sheet


This fact sheet aims to increase understanding of loneliness, its signs, and to suggest coping strategies using the strengths from within our culture and community that can protect us against loneliness.
Download Loneliness fact sheet

Psychotic Illness in Mob

This fact sheet aims to provide a basic understanding of psychotic illnesses, recognising what it looks and feels like, and offering coping strategies within our different cultural contexts.
Download Psychotic Illness fact sheet

Understanding substance misuse

Let's yarn about something that can hurt us, our mob and community. Let's talk about the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. It can be a hard thing to talk about and the journey can be long and challenging, but remember with the right support, together we can heal.
Download Substance misuse fact sheet

Understanding Trauma

This fact sheet is designed to help mob better understand the five main types of trauma - acute, chronic, complex, secondary and intergenerational - how they may look and feel, and coping strategies.
Download Trauma fact sheet

Worried about someone - Suicide

Suicide is a difficult topic to talk about. Recognising any signs, struggle, and understanding how to help a loved one can be an important part of supporting our mob.
Download Worried about someone - Suicide fact sheet

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